kitten sweaters only $18~! (‘w’)

I’ve tried to order this about 5 times now, but it refuses to let me all the way through the ordering process.

Well fine.

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work-in-progress for work

Incomplete inktober sketch today because my microns are all dying and I’m afraid they’ll poop all over the drawing.
Drawing in photoshop is HARD!
It has always terrified me, so I forced myself to do an all-digital painting. Digital sketch, digital line art, digital color. Usually I do at least the first two steps with traditional media. So… here’s what I think might be my first fully digital piece (from photoshop).
Inktober for today!
Yesterday I did an extremely lazy version of this with brush pens (I’m not comfortable with brush pens). I liked the mashup enough to repeat it today, but with pens I’m actually comfortable with.

Sailor Bubblegum!
In the name of science, SHE WILL PUNISH YOU.
My inktober from a few days ago. Forgot to post it here. (I’ve been mostly posting on twitter)

Why do all of our words for sexual preference refer to the subject and not who or what the subject finds attractive?

Why isn’t there a sexual preference for “liking men,” instead of having men say they’re homosexual and women say they’re heterosexual? So that instead of saying “I’m a lesbian” one would say “I like women” (no matter what gender or sex the speaker is).


‘Snapchat Murders Facebook’, A Short Film by Casey Neistat Explaining the Appeal of Snapchat Over Facebook

I’ve never understood how snapchat was a replacement over facebook (despite my aversion to the latter). This helped me understand it better.

It’s not, and that’s why people like it.